Wanna know?

Ever heard Burning and Looting in Bob Marley’s voice?

As you read the last time, there’s always a method to certain madness guys.

I’ll write about this someday cos understanding it ain’t for the faint hearted. Even Small dumsor mpo see how mad you get kamp3s3 police killings.3ya w’ati😭

Hard as it may seem, let’s look beyond the ‘looting and the burning’ in the recent wave of uprisings hitting Uncle Sam. You say they stole a pair of snickers, I say he knelt on my neck for minutes until I died.
And O, just so you know, nothing, neither ‘burning’ nor ‘looting’ of the material things, most of which are insured Anyway can be compared to human life, guys!

You never know

imageYou never know.

Source: You never know

Love lost not 

I was yours to comfort, and you, mine to embrace. The dark African nights hovered around us as if to scare us home but the stars never failed to shine and urge us on. Even as kids, our deep bond of love  would unite two tribes into a mighty ethnic as the former breaks its chains and bounds. Do you remember, O how good it felt walking in the rains barefooted; hand in hand, smile for smile and fear for courage? Yea. But I do recall that as the rains passed our feet, we sure would never be still in each others arms!

ahh! What a beauty you were to behold, the sweet dew that watered the green fields…the sweet smell that arose as the rain gave the dusty fields it’s cold embrace ..with just a passing glance, our hearts were locked, as if freedom was never to be regained.. But I do recall that as the last harmattan wind blew, it made way for the early ‘mango rains’ and we sure were never meant to be!

But worry thou not, for in these new eyes I have found love thought as lost. For true lovers never lack love!!

only miss da snow when da sun is up

Da rains start with cloudy skies, at times with a thunderous caution

But the snow, yea this snow. It falls quietly with pure grace and brightens even the muddiest of earth surfaces. Its caution is soundless and it’s nature gentle..looking through this window, the snow showed me da fear in adults and da bravey n free spiritedness of children. Armed with their sleds and courageous smiles, they run out to the white fields and play with such reckless abandon.. Life has its way of turning adults into Kids trapped in rooms and kids into adults who love the most wonderful thing in this world, nature. Is it snowing where you are?

box it well

Son, know this. Daughter, bear this in mind

In this life

Not every hate deserves a return

Not every frown needs same measure of facial expression

Not every tear has to be held back

But most importantly, not every battle has to b fought.

Preserve ur strength by taking a knock out in some

Visit the canvas in those fights

Let da towel come flying into da ring in those fights

And congratulate the winner with pride in those fights

But wen the ultimate battle day arrives

You will know with every part of u dat:

With the dexterity of Ali

Da agility and swag of Whitaker

Da sheer brute of Tyson’s strength

N da never yielding spirit of Smoking Joe

You must fight with every ounce of ur blood

Every drop of your sweat 

Every flow of ur tear

And every ooze of ur blood

For as da earlier battles claimed you 

They prepared you for this one which is here to rename you!

You never know

You never know.

You never know

…But he had prayed just last night before he rested his bony frame on his bed to catch some sleep. He remembers very well the lines of this prayer, for it was just a night ago and what he prayed for was not this.. Rather, he had prayed for the God he believed in to strengthen the foundation of his household, a wooden structure roofed with very thick dried palm and plantain leaves..He had dreams tho. Right above his bed, old mattress with a sinking middle, was an image of a two bedroom house somewhere in the middle of the city. it was positioned in such a way that it was the last thing he saw before he slept and the first thing that got registered in his visuality when he woke up..This was his prayer, for this house of his to be kept for him in safety..So when he returned from his day’s work where he had worked hours in the sun, he was surprised to see his house on fire..Luckily, his wife and two children hadn’t returned from the market yet and Boy, were they shocked when they came to see the sad happening…”But God why?”, he wondered as the tears flowed freely on his cheeks..his wife sat quietly at one corner, lost for words………..

Days later when he had mastered enough courage to go through the debris and start rebuilding the house, his pickaxe struck something unusual. He paused, called the wife and both decided to check what that could be..an old earthen pot comfortably displayed its superiority to earth’s inability to wreck it..it matched the description of a magical pot his grandmother had once told him about in a story as having some content that could change the dreams of whoever found it under his foundation..

what did it contain? four pieces of Gold nuggets and some cowries..

moral lesson- your so called terrible situation could be the genesis of your greatness..Peace!

loving miles away

loving miles away.

loving miles away

imageDear Uncle Ebo Whyte, I am a Ghanaian guy schooling in the USA where I’ve been since 2011. It’s also common knowledge that  countless number of Ghanaian men and women both young and old are also either here in the USA or other countries outside the shores and borders of Ghana for similar or other reasons, all aimed at developing themselves and the fortunes of their families and friends, at least. This means we are all subjects of the mighty cruel world of a word called ‘distance.’ It is for this reason that I took a particular interest in listening to the program on joy fm, the radio station on which you’ve touched the hearts of many with your insightful motivational messages and relationship counselling.

The reasons for my interest in this show today aren’t lost on you, I believe. As a young unmarried guy who’s not yet found the rib God created for him here in the States, my net is cast wide in the open waters of my motherland with the hopes of finding me a wonderful Woman from Ghana to settle down with. In fact, Uncle,  Without being too reflexive, I’ve chosen to assume that I’m involved in a distant relationship with the woman being in Ghana and I being here  in the US for the mean time.  Do not get me wrong, Unco, I’ve chosen this assumption because while I’m the one writing this piece, there are thousands of young and old people who find themselves involved in such similar distant relationships and any attempt to make this about me and my relationship status would make it come across as a selfish piece of propaganda only aimed at defending myself and showing my biases which in that case would not merit a second of readers’ time and not a single space on joy fm’s prestigious website. So for now, let’s say I’m one of those involved in this type of relationship or not..

The time is around 4:15 am there about here and I’ve already struggled with one a cup of coffee, I should have taken hot chocolate by the way. The dial is 99.7 and courtesy the tune in app on my phone, i’m thankfully connected and listening in real time to Joy fm morning show. The host, Kojo has as expected of him and his team delved into several topical issues and keeps reminding us of the segment where he, you (Uncle Ebo Whyte and one Dr Barbara……) would soon discuss the nitty gritties of distance relationship.. No sooner had he the host started introducing the topic than his aversion and prejudices regarding distant relationship been conspicuously revealed. In my mind, he’s pardoned cos he is not the relationship expert. Here’s where I felt you uncle Ebo could have handled the situation different and better. Without being judgemental, and I have no moral obligation in doing so, here are my observations of you which in my view clearly fell short of what you could do. Throughout the show, there was not a single time you admitted that distant relationship was even worth a try. If I recall correctly and pardon me if I’m wrong, you only attempted at budging when the other panel member, Dr Barbara stood her ground that distant relationships depended on both people and that it could work out when both people gave it their all (paraphrased). i guess my disappointment was cemented when you stressed on a message by a contributor which had read “distant relationship de33 not not not..” My problem? You are a counsellor and a good one for that matter. One would expect you to appreciate the honest efforts of countless people who are really trying hard in this circumstances and making sure that their relationshios worked despite the distance. When you endorse such pessimistic attitude and more dangerously make it public, it fuels the doubts and fears of the faint hearted who otherwise would have enjoyed a great relationship despite the distance because it’s you and we all know how good of a counsellor you’ve been over the years. That’s not to say romanticize the issue but be fair to the principle of Audi alterem paterm( hear the other side). To your credit however, you did mention of a couple  who although live in the same house and under the same roof, have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for years for obvious reasons. Morale of it? Relationships do not work simply because two people live together.

That said, it was also very interesting when you gave years of not knowing each other as a Recipe for disaster in relationship. Let’s be reminded that divorces don’t happen because  the couple did not know eachother as as the sole reason. We all know of very public separation and divorces involving men and women of high status in Ghana and elsewhere who date eachother for years before getting married. The thing is you think you know your partner well enough until s/he pulls off that move or act that tells you knew not a single thing about them.

Meanwhile, In 2010, a friend of mine was the best man at his best friends wedding in Accra. Both parties had never set eyes on eachother but had each been recommended by friends. The risks were high no doubt but As we speak, they are still togther and happily married with 3 kids ( and here Im reminded of the caution you sounded to Kojo of using happily married but will still use it coz what we see on the outside is what we know and are permitted to comment on freely without malice). The thing is Uncle, it’s good to know someone but as you always quote the Bible, may I remind us of how Isaac never knew Rachel before they married? O sorry, that’s in the Bible so may not count..my point is marriage takes two matured people who must admit that no matter the number of years you date, you’ll never know your partner well enough! Again, life is all about risks and s/he who waits for the perfect PhD in knowing the partner before marriage deserves commendation..

Uncle, while not making it sound as if all distant relationships work out, it is important also to realize that not all distant relationships are bound to fail and would entreat you to encourage people in such situations after you’ve said a lot about the terrible side as well. Let’s encourage rather than discourage to at least give it a try.

With these said, let me tell you a few words I wanted to tell you at the National theatre last year when my sweet friend took me to see your live show for the first time..if the Ghanaian media had 9 nine more people of your talent and orientation, our people would have been liberated on so many fronts, at least in the areas of your expertise. you’ve been an important asset in the lives many Ghanaians through your motivational sessions, relationship counseling and live theatre performances and to this I say Ayekoo.

Best regards,

Your nephew

Kingsley Antwi-Boasiako

Ohio University

Athens Ohio, USA

The African Boko Haram situaton

The African Boko Haram situaton.

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